Wild Arctic Ride

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The Wild Arctic Ride at Sea World in San Diego is a flight simulator type of ride. It takes you by simulated helicopter to the Arctic Circle, where you will be flying over frozen landscapes and mountain peaks to get to the base station. You will experience several different adventures on your way to the base station, including seeing polar bears, going under water to see whales, escaping an avalanche and riding through a storm.

There are two different ways to enjoy the ride. If you don’t want to experience the motion, which some people will find too much, you can journey by foot to the arctic. This experience will not include any motion, just the movie part. Either one you choose, you have to be at least 42″ tall. Because of the intense nature of the flight simulated motion, only guests in good health should choose to fly. It is not recommended for pregnant women, anyone who gets motion sickness or several other medical conditions that could be exacerbated by the sudden jolting of the ride.

After the ride is over, you will be at the base station where you will get to enjoy an exhibit that has animals and interactive activities.

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