Shipwreck Rapids

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Shipwreck Rapids is one of the most popular rides available at Seaworld. It stimulates the adventure of riding through white water rapids and . Be careful there will be twists, turns, and waterfalls waiting to drench you. The inner tube you will be riding in can hold up to nine people. This is a perfect family ride with room for a little more. As you wind around an island watch out, you will be going through an underground cavern to see the secrets of the island. This ride is filled with adventure, but it doesn’t stop there. Once you turn around a mystery corner other guests have the opportunity to shoot water at you through their cannons.

If you get there just at the right now, you will get soaked. This ride is not for people who don’t want to get their hair wet, getting soaked is likely. Their is a height requirement of 42″ or taller to be able to ride this ride. 42″ to 48″ must be accompanied by an adult at all times on the ride.If you have health problems please be wary about the risks of riding. This ride is full speed and and heavy tossing and turning.

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