Sea World vs the San Diego Zoo

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Sea World vs the Zoo. If you had to choose one Sea World VS. The San Diego Zoo Many opportunities present themselves for anyone that spends their vacation in San Diego, and none are more prevalent than Sea World and the San Diego Zoo. While both offer similar experiences, Sea World is surely the better choice. It just has more things to offer.

The San Diego Zoo does offer a great deal of things to do while out and about. Of their vast number of animals, they have tigers, rhinos, monkeys and a plethora of exotic birds. They also present interactions with the animals as well as sleepovers and catering for special events. This is all well and good but cannot compare with the great experience that is Sea World.

Where Sea World truly beats the San Diego Zoo is its ability to be more than just a place to view animals. The park offers everything from animal shows to theme park rides, including a white water rapids ride as well as The Wild Arctic Ride and Rip Tide Rescue. There are also a great deal of plays within the park, including a great deal of Sesame Street fun for the youngster. You will be able to do all the things that you would at the San Diego Zoo with a more exotic group of animals. It is fully interactive and will have any person, young and old, craving to go back when the trip is over.
While the San Diego Zoo does offer a great deal of animals to choose from, Sea World simply has more bang fr your buck. It may come down to what particular animals you may want to see, at which point it is a toss up between land and sea creatures. In any other case, with theme park rides, plays and animal shows to choose from, Sea World is certainly the way to go.

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