Legoland California

Whether you have kids or not, Legoland is an awesome park to visit. Imagine walking through a town you made with Legos and entering the buildings. That is what it is like to enter Legoland. Amazing attractions await you and your family.

  There are a few roller coasters, but in Legoland the fun rides are the ones YOU control. Race against others to be a firefighter and put out your “fire” before they do. Take a free fall ride, only to pull yourself back up. Control jet-skis by yourself while you avoid the spray of onlookers.   When all that work has given you an appetite, stop for a castle burger or a fun town hot dog.

Have some of Granny’s apple fries or join the knights’ table barbecue. Sir scoops ice cream is the perfect treat to cool you off. The park is open most days from 10-5, a few days it is open from 9-6. Choose a hotel with a private pedestrian path directly to Legoland, or one with free shuttle service to the park.   Tickets to the park and $69 for ages 13+, and $59 for ages 3-12 or 60+. Special packages and combination tickets can save money.
LEGO® Star Wars™ Days at LEGOLAND California