Journey to Atlantis Water Coaster SeaWorld

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San Diego is home to Journey to Atlantis a high thrills water-coaster. This water ride is the perfect combination of a flume ride and a rollercoaster. Riders journey through the lost civilization of Atlantis filled with amazing special effects, a 60 foot plunge and live sea animals. You will get wet on this ride so beach attire is recommended. Journey to Atlantis provides a high thrill rate for anyone 42 inches or taller. Any rider between 42 and 48 inches tall must be accompanied by a companion at least 14 years of age. Due to the exposure of high speeds and intense forces all riders should be in good health. Strobe lights are used throughout the ride. Guests who are pregnant have high blood pressure, back or neck related injuries or any other health condition that could become aggravated should not ride.

According to SeaWorld San Diego if you do not want to wait in a long line the shortest wait times for the ride can be found in the morning and around show times of One Ocean and Blue Horizon. Journey to Atlantis offers riders a unique water-coaster experience and this wet thrill ride should not be missed.

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