Elmo’s Flying Fish

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Elmo’s Flying Fish Spinning Ride

SeaWorld San Diego offers The Sesame Street Bay of Play for its younger guests. The Sesame Street Bay of Play is an interactive children’s play space and one of the most popular rides is Elmo’s Flying Fish which is a spinning ride for children. Children ride in a flying fish designed to look like the beloved Sesame Street character Elmo. The ride offers small thrills for small kids by flying in an up and down motion over an imaginary ocean allowing riders to catch glimpses of the parks vast landscape. The ride features 7 different types of Elmo fish: Pig, Angel, Zebra, Clown, Cat, Dog, and Swordfish. Riders are sure to find a favorite amongst these creative Elmo fish.

The ride is designed for guests of all ages to enjoy, with the exception of infants. Infants may not ride this ride. Guests under 48 inches tall must be accompanied by another rider who is at least 14 years of age for supervision purposes. Parents are encouraged to ride with their children for a fun family friendly experience. For their own safety riders who are pregnant or have a medical condition that may be affected by the ride should not ride.

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