Blacks Beach San Diego

Tan your hide all over at Black’s Beach San Diego
Black’s Beach is the fabled nude beach of San Diego County. While nudity was only legal on the beach for a short time in the mid-1970s, this hasn’t kept thousands of people each year from visiting this hard-to-reach area and stripping down to get that all-over tan.

Where to park depends on how far you want to walk. The most direct access to Black’s is to park at the Torrey Pines Glider Park and scale the cliffs. The path down to the beach from here looks harder than it is to descend. Take your time and you should be able to handle it even if you’re not in the best shape.

You can also walk to the beach, either south from Torrey Pines State Beach, or north from La Jolla Shores. However, do not attempt this during high tide.

There are no public facilities or food vendors at Black’s, so pack your own food. There are garbage cans, so clean up after yourself.

Where is it okay to be nude? If you enter from the glider port, you’ll see nudity pretty much everywhere. If you approach from the north or south, don’t strip until you see others doing the same.