Abby’s Sea Star Spin

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Abby’s Sea Star Spin Adds A Fun Twist To Spinning Rides

Abby’s Sea Star Spin at SeaWorld adds a fun Sesame Street twist to the spinning cup format made famous by the Disneyland Teacups ride. Three rotating platforms, each containing three cups, spin as wildly and smoothly as the Teacups do. However, unlike the Teacups ride and many of its knock-offs which has its riders sitting in open cups, Abby’s Sea Star Spin has roofs shaped like starfish that cover the heads of the park guests. It not only adds a fun oceanic twist to the ride, but it provides a much-needed break from the sun. And for those children and parents who love Sesame Street, they will be delighted to find a statue of Abby herself presiding over the merriment with a magic wand and fairy wings as well as Abby art all over the cups themselves.

If your child has problems with motion-sickness, the wheel at the center of each starfish cup allows you to control the amount of spin. Guests must be at least 42″ to ride, and children must be able to walk unassisted; hand-held infants are not allowed. If you’re wearing a bathing suit, you cannot ride unless you are wearing clothing over the suit. Also try to avoid having loose items on the ride. Since it opened in 2008, Abby’s Sea Star Spin has garnered rave reviews among parents. It is located in Sesame Street’s Bay of Play in SeaWorld.

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